Dali Lighting Control Specialists


We take great pride in advising and supplying customers with the most suitable products for each individual project drawing from our vast knowledge of lighting and specifically Dali lighting control.

We can offer advice and guidance to give you the best solution to your lighting requirements.  We can consider specialist needs from one offs to a whole Dali lighting system,  giving consideration at all times to clients  on-going costs and  energy savings, compared to a non-controllable system.

Lighting is in every building and when the correct fittings and if needed lighting control systems are installed it can be very subtle almost unnoticeable but at the same time enhance the look and feel of a building while being easy and practical to use with additional benifit of energy saving.

As well as full Dali lighting control systems, we can also offer repairs of light fittings. Having hands on experience we understand that sometimes replacing an old fitting with new isn’t always as simple or as cost effective as first thought e.g. trying to match up with existing fittings in a area, therefore if the fitting housing is serviceable it can be repaired.