The following types of Controls are available:

  • DALI, DSI and 1-10v
  • Micro Wave Sensors
  • Switches
  • LCD Touchpanels
  • Dimmers for Tungsten and LED and HID
  • Infra red Presence and movement detection
  • Relay units for Blind control, Partition Switching etc
  • Audio visual Interface
  • Hand Controls
  • Ethernet Routers for multiple Networks

With ever increasing energy costs and the pressure to improve the carbon footprint, intelligent lighting control can achieve significant savings. Lighting can be a high proportion of a buildings energy cost, with lights being left on when not required. This can be reduced with automated lighting control, which will benefit owners and end users as well as the environment.

With the introduction of DALI in the late nineties, we took the decision to specialise on this type of control. It offers the most flexibility, is an international protocol, available to all manufacturers and we can select from the best available products for you or your clients specific needs.

Lighting levels of whole areas or individual fittings can be set and feedback from fittings can be monitored as to lamp or ballast failure and even indicate the position of luminaires within the building. This can be very useful for maintenance.

With our support, your project can be easier to plan and install. We realize that not everybody is familiar with the Dali system and to have us as your support team to contact, is a useful asset. We can advise from your plan, as to the wiring layout , sensor and switch positioning, to suit the customers requirements.